tiistai 20. elokuuta 2013

Finncon 2013: CyberSunday

Okay... so, this has taken a bit longer than we first thought. But in our defense we have done other things also so you have that. I've had to work and Korppisusi wrote an article for Geek Girls.

But finally here it is. The final part of our Finncon 2013 report.

perjantai 2. elokuuta 2013

Finncon 2013: Saturday-Caturday

The second day of Finncon 2013 had really only one instance of cats I can remember but then again it was fairly memorable one so we'll go with that. Because the breakfast at the hotel was open later than on weekdays this morning I even got up early enough to get some.

That also sadly meant that we missed the first couple of hours of programming. But having (almost) enough of sleep is fairly important for con-stituion.

After the fairly diverse breakfast we headed back to the consite after carefully building our battleplan. There would be programming. We would go see it. It would be good. 

Random cute internet cat for caturdays sake.