perjantai 8. elokuuta 2014

Lonkeropiirakka @ Loncon3
Day -6: Futurecast

So it's less than a week to Loncon 3 - The 72nd World Science Fiction Convention aka Worldcon. It will be our first Worldcon and as our Finncon reports this year were in Finnish we thought about doing some blogging in English on the road.

It won't be our first convention outside Finland but the scale of other events we've been to pales in comparison to Worldcon. There's over 600 programme items over just five days plus art shows, film screenings and parties.

I have preliminarily marked down around 80 programme numbers, some of them overlapping of course, but all with generally interesting topics. It would seem that the preferred programme type at Worldcon is panels which can be a bit of a gamble. Hopefully the panels will be well moderated and the panelist actually have interesting and/or intelligent things to say about the topics.

At Loncon we will also help to promoting two projects, both of which we may have mentioned once or twice before. One of them is the insane (and awesome) Helsinki in 2017 Worldcon bid. We'll be at least at the Thursday night party helping out and probably wear "Ask me about Helsinki" ribbons throughout the con.

The other one is Archipelacon, the upcoming nordic science fiction and fantasy convention next summer. We also have a table in the fan village to promote the convention and are throwing a party on Sunday evening.

If you are at Loncon, come over and say hello. We'll sell you an Archipelacon membership and convince you to vote for Helsinki next year!

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