tiistai 5. heinäkuuta 2016

Finncon 2016 might be done but we are not!

So it would seem that we haven't updated the site in quite a while. Sorry about that. Basically Tampere Kuplii comics festival and of course Finncon 2016 have taken up all our extra free time and energy.

But we really haven't stopped playing games or watching stuff, so we do have quite a few ideas and topics for posts and hopefully we might even get around writing about them now!

First thing we will try to get posted is a blog version of our Finncon 2016 presentation What to Watch 2016. You will have to settle to that as unfortunately neither it or our other program item Batman: Arkham series discussion was recorded unlike some other Finncon program items.

But on the other hand, we sorta ran out of time and had to skip a few tv-series and also quickly few recap others, so doing a blog post will give us an opportunity to cover those too and maybe expand on some stuff covered already in the presentation. Thought there's probably no need to expand on why Preacher is bad as that case is made quite clearly...

The Batman Arkham series program was a panel so we probably won't write specifically about it as really couldn't properly relay the opinions of our other panelists. Just finds us at a convention and we'll talk your ears off regarding them!

To keep you preoccupied until we get anything published, we have written some short reviews and game research news items for Playlab! Magazine ran by the University of Tampere so you might want to check them out (though most of them are in Finnish): Stuff written by Korppisusi  and stuff written by Grandpa Cthulhu

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